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The random encounters of my weekend

May 31st, 2013 (11:55 am)

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On Sunday, an older lady named Anna who’s been to a few of the church’s women’s group Bible studies came to her first Sunday morning service. I was watching the kids when she came in to say hello, and in the middle of our conversation she asked me how I was feeling and how the baby was (motioning towards my stomach).  It was pretty obvious that she’d mixed me up with P. Rebekah, and just as obvious that she hadn’t taken a very close look, because while I know I’m big, I also know that I don’t look 6 months pregnant. So I gave a good-natured laugh as I told her that she was thinking of a different lady. She seemed so embarrassed that I started to feel bad for her. Still, it was funny.

And then on Monday I went to the Memorial Day picnic in Queens, and at one point I was asked to help serve food.  I was stationed at a table with a new lady (whose name I cannot remember), and she was telling me how she’d heard me preaching on Sunday nights, and how much she enjoyed it. And then she started talking to me about how much she liked listening to my son in law.  “My son in law?” I asked, with some clear confusion.  “Yes,” she said, “your son in law, the one who preaches.”

Now for the life of me I cannot imagine who she was talking about. There’s only so many men who preach on Sundays, and I can’t imagine her actually mistaking any of them for my son in law. My best guess is that she meant brother-in-law, in which case she could have meant P. Quincy (it’s not that big a stretch to presume that P. Rebekah and I are sisters).

And then later that evening, sitting in a circle of Nassau people who were talking to Glen (I think), he started talking about how they needed more white people in the Manhattan church. The other “white” girls in the circle started explaining why they wouldn’t work - Pria is half Indian, Ayanna half black, P. Rebekah was like “I’m not really white.” It was a funny moment, and then Pria interjected with “Take Paula, she’s extra white!”  at which point I laughed even louder and explained that I’m so white that in the sun I turn blue.  So yes … I am the one in the church who is “extra white”

Then on Tuesday I got to teach the Communications class (yaay!) and it was on the voices that we listen to (double-yaay!) and I had a great time. It was kind of weird teaching P. Marnie’s class, not because I was teaching it, but because of the people who were taking it. Seeing faces like Veronica’s and the twins staring up at me was a little bit disconcerting. But praise the Lord, I got thorough it.

Then in Armorbearer, one of my students returned after a 3 week absence (he was away), and in an effort to appease me, and to put off taking the midterm, he offered me girl scout cookies (thin mints, no less!)  He was going to get what he wanted anyway, so technically it wasn’t really a bribe, right? The funny thing is that I didn’t even eat them – I gave them to Michelle when I ran into her.  I did eat some chocolate chip cookies from the donations table later that night though.

And then on Wednesday morning I’d stopped for my usual bagel when an older black man who I’ve never seen before asked me if I had a sister named Dorothy.  Apparently I have a “twin” lol! Not the first time that’s happened. What struck me as odd was that he said “Every time I see you I want to ask if you know her …” like he sees me all the time. Maybe he does. But until that day I’d never registered his face before.  That’s kind of strange, right?


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Posted at: April 22nd, 2016 01:38 am (UTC)

Well, I found you because I looked up doctor who fans and your icon was ten <3 so I added you...I'm returned to LJ after having been on wordpress for a long time for a lot of personal reasons of needing privacy...and I just would like to make some new friends with common interests...