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...a Peek at Perfection in Progress

and other Pretentious Prattle

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I would hazard a guess and say that nobody reads my profile page ... mostly because the people who read my journal know me well enough that a profile isn't going to help.

But here's to improbable possibilities - and a little bit about ME!

I work with numbers - and in that sense I am a complete and total dork. I enjoy working with numbers for one simple reason: they can't lie. They can squirm and hide and bunch up together to gang up on you, and try slight of hand tricks ... but if you can catch them and pin them down long enough to look at them, eventually they crack and they have to tell you the truth.

I'm a night owl, and I've never done mornings. There are nights when I just don't go to sleep. That's why I only take jobs that start at 10am - because no matter how tired I get, I don't go to sleep early, and long term sleep deprivation is bad for my health.

I'm a coffee addict - not as bad as I used to be (120 oz of coffee a day). I know, I know ... you're thinking "Well maybe this has something to do with the whole night owl thing". You're wrong. I was a night owl even in my decafinated days. Coffee is what keeps me from being late to my job, even with my 10am work schedule

I like sci-fi and fantasy more than chick flicks - and that makes me an odd girl
I like fruit more than chocolate - and that makes me an odd girl
I balance that out by keeping Purple as my favorite color and wearing high heels on a daily basis.

I'm old ... and I have a streak of gray hair right at the crown of my forehead.

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