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Paula [userpic]


October 14th, 2009 (06:12 pm)

current mood: terrified

Last night I had the strangest scary dream.

I was a character in a horror movie, where there were three victims trapped on a flying airplane with a psychopath who was making us play in a deadly quiz show.  Get a question wrong and he would burn you to death with something that looked like those handheld laser pointers, except the beam was dim, about an inch wide, and would boil your skin.  It was dark and scary, and the bad guy was really creepy in that out-of-control wacko sort of a way

My question was "can you knit a goat?"  I knew I couldn't answer no, or I would die.  It had to be a trick, but I couldn't figure out how.  So after a few minutes of panic I figured out that if you killed the goat and pulled out it's intestines you could knit those together - so I survived the first round.

Anyway, he killed one of the other guys for getting an answer wrong, and then somehow the police found out what was happening and we got turned around and went back to the airport.  The other vitctim and I managed to escape on the emergency water slide.  I remember jumping up, grabbing my bag, and diving head first down the chute.  Once the plane was on the ground they arrested the bad guy and had the obligatory scene where we were wrapped in blankets watching him being led away in handcuffs in the middle of the deserted airport. 

But then, just as everyone thought it was over the bad guy got a gun, escaped the police in a massive shootout, shot and killed the other surviving victim, and turned to come after me.  I ran to the elevator, got in, and pressed the Close Doors button frantically as I watched him walking closer.  I remember hitting the button for every floor so he wouldn't know where I got off.  I jumped out at the second floor and ran to the stairs, thinking I could get back down to the first floor again to get back to the police - but when I go there, there were two staircases side by side.  I knew he was coming up one of them ... and I was so scared that I froze right there. 

As I watched, a shadow appeared on one of the staircases - but by the time the face came into view I realized it wasn't him - it was his secret partner (don't ask - it was a dream, and you know how those go).  I was terrified, and ran to hide before he could see me, but there were no good hiding spots, and I could see a second elevator was coming up, and I was sure that the bad guy was in it.

That's when I woke up.  My heart was pounding so fast and so loud I was sure I could audibly hear it.  I was so worked up over it that the only way to calm myself down was to invent my escape.  So I told myself that if I was standing around with a bunch of cops and everything was over, that I would have had my purse over my arm the whole time, and when I saw the bad guy's accomplace coming up the stairs I didn't run back to the elevator or try to hide - I ran out the doors to the second level of the attached parking garage, found my car, and drove to the nearest police station while the two evil men continued to search the higher floors.

After that I was able to calm down a little bit - but it was pretty scary.


Posted by: empress_jule (empress_jule)
Posted at: October 16th, 2009 03:25 pm (UTC)
not while i'm thinking hard...

As terrifying as all of that is to dream... I want to laugh lol!!!!! I'm sooo proud of you for grabbing your bag on the way out the plane- unresolved gestalt pisses me off! The whole scene would have been about the purse for me from that point on had you not done that heheh~

Posted by: Paula (moonlithuntress)
Posted at: October 16th, 2009 08:43 pm (UTC)

Actually I specifically remember grabbing my purse AND a what looked like a bible case. And actually when I talked myself into believing that I ran to my car, I had to use that as a major logical reason why I WOULD have my keys on me and therefore wouldn't be trapped in the garage.